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Ownership Disclosure

Statement of Physician Financial Interests or Ownership
The below physicians have an ownership interest in Orthopedic Surgery Center of Palm Beach County, LLC which is the surgery center at which you are having your procedure. As with all your care, you may request to have your procedure performed at another facility where your surgeon has privileges to practice.

Owner Physicians
Juan Agudelo, MD
John Cantando, DO
Jams Clancy, DPM
Keith Dietrick, MD
Steven Dutcher, DO
Howell Goldfarb, MD
Yehuda Herschman, DO
Marvin Kohn, MD
John Levin, DPM
Roxanna Rasekhi, DO
Gary Richman, MD
Jeffrey Rosenfield, MD
Gerard D’Ariano, MD
Ezra Berkowitz, MD
Michael Mikolajczak, MD
Brandon Shallop, MD